AIJ CAPITAL ADVISORS  is a leading International Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm and Financial Advisory. Our businesses include real estate financing,hospitality Industry, private equity, rescue financing, financial advisory, energy projects. AIJ CAPITAL Advisory Services includes restructuring and reorganization of Debtor In Possession (DIP Finance) or troubled companies, restructuring of real estate debt, corporate acquisitions, joint ventures and major project consulting services. We are changing the world by creating a global master platform that strongly focus on five essential and fundamental pillars of the human life and creates a sustainable economy that will have a high impact in the people, the cities and the countries of the World.
AIJ CAPITAL ADVISORS was created through the merging of one  highly successful international company : AIJ Capital advisors INC, Founded in 2016.and an outstanding allie with  Bales & Bales P.A. Established in 1996 ,(Law Firm -Banking & Finance Law, Business, Commercial , Business Organization Law) and

With disciplines in Real Estate Finance, Private Equity, Organizational and Debt and Equity Restructuring, Corporate and Real Estate Advisory Services. Our team is committed to serve our clients and has committed with our select group of investment partners to accomplish each task we are engaged with. We seek long-term relationships and operate with integrity and make our money the old-fashioned way with hard work, responsibility to our clients and dedication to our work.

Internationally, we specialize in the financing of real estate ,energy projects, hospitality projects, portfolio analysis and strategic advisory. We perform due diligence confidentiality and with professionalism. Our expert knowledge and our ability to handle complex transactions coupled with our capability to fund loans and create real estate syndications using our investor funds and our international network of investors maximizes our clients ability to achieve success.

Our Core Business

Engage, Accelerate, Align, Account .
  • Engage with countries better to identify priorities and plan and implement together.
  • Accelerate  programs,process and projects  in countries through AIJ Capital Advisors for consulting, studies, due dilegence ,feasibility.
  • Align   in support by harmonizing operational and financial strategies,procedures and investment approaches. 
  • Account by reviewing a complete a submission project to be evaluate from our investors as your advisor  to enhance  accountability.
"AIJ Capital Advisors offers  a  financial ,legal allies , real estate , hospitality  projects with a  multisectoral coordination, long-term planning and financing, information sharing and strengthening of  diversity  of  investors  with our workforce  capacity".

Luis Fortanell

Our Active Projects


50 MMD

  • Cancun
  • Tulum
  • Riviera Maya 
  • Bacalar


75 MMD

  • Santo Domingo
  • Punta Cana
  • Ubero Alto
  • Bavaro


50 MMD

  • Panama City
  • Punta Chame

Costa Rica

50 MMD

  • Guanacaste
  • San Jose


70 MMD

  • Buenos Aires
  • Ushuaia
  • Mendoza


200 MMD

  • Nueva York
  • South Beach Miami
  • Las Vegas 

About us 

   Aij Capital Advisors is a leading International Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm, and Financial Advisory firm. Our businesses include real estate  & Hospitality financing,  Energy projects, private equity, rescue financing, hospitality industry, financial advisory and restructuring, and alternative financing.

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    AIJ Capital Advisors ( does not authorize any of our Contractors, Subcontractors, Employees, Agents, Representatives, Affiliates, Independent Strategic Allies and/or assigns), to charge any upfront monies, fees, etc. for any purpose(s) to their clients on behalf of AIJ Capital Advisors, LLC., unless the fee is disclosed in our LOI (Letter of Intent/Interest) Term Sheets, or any other document authorized by one of our Managing Partners. Furthermore, NO LOI’s and/or Term Sheets may be considered by prospect / borrower(s) unless properly signed by either one of our Managing Partners. Pricing adjustments will be based on loan size, cash flow, property conditions, credit indicators, and final underwriting. This information is intended for real estate, project investors, lending professionals, and intermediaries only. AIJ Capital Advisors or any of our capital providers shall be under no obligation to fund any loan to the borrower unless and until it is satisfied with its due diligence review, in its sole judgment and formal loan underwriting, and a review of all required documents been executed and delivered. We are not a United States Securities Dealer, Bankers or U.S. Investment Advisor. The purpose of this site is to provide general information. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of possible available loans and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction