AIJ Capital Advisors has funded a diverse portfolio of projects encompassing office, hotel, resorts, , medical office and energy  globally and has a major foothold in majority of  Latin American markets. Our team is well positioned for future opportunities in the global market place with captive investment funds. AIJ Capital Advisors is poised to meet all challenges of the new global market. We are prepared to meet the needs , guide lines,studies  of our clients and see a demand for projects such as  Real Estate, Hospitality, Energy,etc. Offering strong returns with manageable risk. Neverthteless our talents are working hard to get best conditions for a minimum risk with this new reality now and after the COVID -19. .


Our hospitality model is fee-based, capital efficient, and highly resilient with tremendous growth potential around the world – resulting in opportunities because our out standing  relation with  majorie of international brands.  Our expertise team with over 25 years negotiating offers  best premium returns for hotel projects  owners .


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Hotels for sale 

  • Acquisitions
  • Refinancing of existing debts
  • Lender negotiations
  • Recapitalizations

Real Estate ,Energy Hospitality Consulting
  • Offering our consulting service step by step for  new markets using AIJ Capital Advisors &  International  funds network.
  • Promotes our exclusive property portfolio
  • Brings Revenues or ROI with monetary value
  • Cross selling of projects at international level.
  • More than 50 sucessfully  operations into the financial over 2 per year since 25 five years ago.
Equity Consulting

  • Strategic capital advantage
  • Joined venture potential
  • Investors decisions the capital spectrum

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